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Change Management Case Study: State Retirement System Finds Success by Focusing on Employees

Change Management in IT Projects a Case Study
“The [State Retirement System’s] Senior Management team worried about the general morale in the office. Physical and budgetary constraints had forced an early decision not to increase staff for the project. The Executive Director feared he would not be able to keep up with daily operations, and a growing sense of frustration threatened the retention of capable staff members. The two programmers who had created SRS’ legacy system were only able to participate on a part-time basis. The project goal the SRS had worked so hard to achieve seemed at risk. It was clear something had to be done.” -Sagitec Case Study on Change Management in IT Projects

Sound familiar? You’ve reached the end of a long road of project planning, RFP design, and vendor choosing. You’re finally ready to start your new IT project. It’s an exciting time and you feel the momentum. Your staff members are excited about the prospect of new software that will help them to work faster, more accurately, and provide better customer service. Your entire organization feels confident about the project’s success.

NCTR Chief Shares Why DC Plans are "Inadequate" for Retirement Security

NCTR Pendulum DC Plans

Over the last 25 years, the pendulum in the public pension industry has been swinging from Defined Benefit (DB) plans to Defined Contribution (DC) plans. Powerful advocates in the government and financial sectors have proclaimed that DC plans are the key to reforming a broken pension industry, regardless of the state of the economy. In a bear market, DB plans are unsustainable they say. They put state and local agencies on the path to inevitable failure. On the other hand, in a bull market, DC plans significantly outperform DB plans. Why wouldn’t a pension fund want to follow the DC model?

Your Retirees are Ready for the Future - Are You?

NPEA Sagitec 2013 Retiree Technology

Meet Mina, a 73 year old retiree, who recently started using a tablet device. Though she may not know how to sync her Facebook calendar to her calendar app (or even what that means!), she still understands that the ability to use a mobile device is a valuable (and attainable!) skill in the modern world. Check out what Mina has to say about her new tablet in the video below:

NPEA 2013: You Are So Valuable to Us!

Sagitec at NPEA 2013

The National Pension Education Association’s (NPEA) annual conference is just around the corner. Sagitec has been hard at work putting together useful materials for pension educators and communicators in preparation for the conference.

3 Best Practices for Writing Online Help Documentation

Online Help

Online help documentation isn't usually a priority when buying or building software systems, which is why it's rarely as helpful as it could (or should) be. To ensure your online help system actually helps end users, follow these three best practices.

NPEA 2012: Pension Education's Plan B…for Plan B?

broken projector

There you are, standing in front of a large audience, ready to give your presentation, when sudden ly you realize you’re not wearing any pants. The audience howls with laughter, you scream, and wake up in a pool of your own sweat. Scary, right?

Trends in Pension Education and Communication


As we look toward the future, there are events and activities driving or amplifying change -- and there are reactions to those amplifiers that take the shape of emerging trends. In the video below, Sagitec's Chief Learning and Communications Officer, Stephanie Schrankler, examines 5 catalysts and 10 trends that are impacting pension educators and communicators.

3 Ways Performance Bonds Constrain Public Sector IT Projects

Lock Bond

Performance bonds (e.g., surety bonds) have long been used by state and local government agencies to mitigate risk in major public sector IT projects.  A bond provides protection in case a software vendor doesn’t fulfill its contractual obligations. It also allows government agencies to demonstrate fiduciary responsibility with taxpayer funds.

5 Factors that Impact the Cost of Pension Administration Systems


Implementing a new pension administration system can be one of the most significant investments a retirement plan ever makes. Between consulting fees, software licensing, training, and support, there are a multitude of factors that will impact the price tag of a system replacement project. With retirement funds under increasing pressure to do more with less, it is absolutely essential that plan administrators make smart choices in IT investment. This means thoroughly understanding the goals of the project, communicating clearly the expectations of the new system, and being realistic about the constraints in your resources. For those considering IT modernization, take in mind that the following factors will impact the cost of your project. 

3 Skills of the Successful Project Manager

Project Management

In a recent article on project management from FOXBusiness, contributor Michael Woodward spoke about the “growing field” of project management with Mr. Mark Langley, CEO of the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the article, Langley helps Woodward draw the connection between project management and the increasing need for “internal innovation” in today’s challenging business climate. He also identifies the following three key attributes of a successful project manager.  

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